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Thomas Hubbard, Hubbard Digital, Design and DevelopmentWith fifteen years of professional experience, Thomas Dewayne Hubbard exudes creative and technological mastery. Mr. Hubbard remains vigorous and cutting-edge through the daily operation and demand of his small business. Whether a W2 or 1099 (C2C) contract opportunity, Mr. Hubbard is the quintessential candidate for your company, promoting innovation and stewardship in an industry that is constantly evolving!

Mr. Hubbard is the Managing Member of Hubbard Digital LLC, a small business he founded in April 2006. Here, he offers customized services in Advanced Web and Application Development, Graphic Design, Multimedia Production, and Internet Business Management and Marketing. From 2011 to 2012, his business contracted with a prominent healthcare publisher in Atlanta, Georgia, where he produced lucrative e-learning modules for a network of healthcare professionals. Also in 2011, Mr. Hubbard was recruited as a Web Surveyor for LionBridge Technologies.

From 2010 to 2011, Mr. Hubbard was employed with Aaron’s National Support Center as a Senior IT Analyst. In this capacity, he assisted with database management (MS-DOS and SQL) and the deployment and debugging of point-of-sale software. Also in 2010, he successfully ventured beyond the realms of technology and became a published writer. Four of his essays were purchased and published by EBSCO Publishing / Salem Press, for their Great Lives from History encyclopedia series.

In early 2009, Mr. Hubbard was recruited as Senior Web Designer for AT&T, in support of their three-month “Surge Website” agenda. Here, he was responsible for the development and optimization of five (5) web sites per week, and contributed to the completion of Real Pages’ backlog of 5,000 websites.

From 2007 to 2009, Mr. Hubbard served as a Senior Multimedia Specialist at IBM Corporation. In this role, he was highly-regarded for his expertise, leadership, and innovative ideas. He supported the sales and executive teams while contributing enormously to IBM’s intellectual capital. He also created multimedia and interactive demos in support of multi-billion dollar initiatives and proposals. Also in 2007, Mr. Hubbard served as a Senior Consultant to World Technological LLC, where he is credited for revamping the company’s logo and web presence, and for developing several packaging concepts for their Kidney Dialysis Comfort Belt.

Mr. Hubbard got his start in Corporate America as a member of the accounting team at UnumProvident Corporation (now the Unum Group) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From 2005 – 2007, he worked in the Corporate Finance department performing basic accounting duties, and successfully managed audit documentation and distributed claims checks.

Mr. Hubbard holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Media Arts, which he obtained from the Art Institute of Atlanta. He also earned Technical Certificates in Advanced Web Development and Business Law for Small Business Owners, both from Kennessaw State University. He is currently studying Computer Science at the University of the People, where he will emerge with a Bachelor or Science (BS) degree.

When he is not working, Thomas enjoys reading, working out, gardening, and tinkering with his classic cars. He is also a staunch Humanitarian. He is a proud donor of several local and international charities, and enjoys speaking with youth groups about the values of education and hard work. In 2011, he became a Virtual English Professor with Cooline /, and continues to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to natives of South Korea via Skype. In 2010, he sat on the Junior Acheivers Career Panel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He also served as a Commercial Art Instructor for Project Choices 2001, a summer program for inner-city youth sponsored by Chattanooga Parks and Recreation.

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